Opportunity for Rising Leaders to Work with Leading Institution with TJ India-Youth Fellowship Program 2019
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Telangana Jagruthi, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) is offering a two-week programme for budding leaders, who have made their contribution towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to work with leading institution and learn diplomacy, development, policy and education, and whet their communication, innovation, problem solving and management skills.
Last date to submit the application form is November 20, 2018. In order to be eligible for this fellowship, candidates need to fulfil the mandated requirements:


• Young entrepreneur, who are running a start-up, NGO, initiative, campaign that leads to sustainable development goal.
• Upcoming leaders with demonstrated leadership skills and passion towards bringing positive changes in the world.
• Leaders, who are about to achieve success or have not received large-scale public attention, are eligible to apply.
Scholarship Reward
• Opportunity to get face to face with leading Indian Government, non-profit and business sectors leaders.
• On ground experience in ones choice of project of Telangana Jagruthi as a volunteer and consultant.
• Opportunity to attend two day Telangana Jagruthi International Youth Leadership Conference 2019, to present ones ideas and experiences in front of global leaders.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can send their essay and essential documents via email to [email protected], with subject line as ‘TJIYLC - 2019 Fellow_First Name_Last Name_Application'

Other Important Details

Applying candidate needs to submit the below- mentioned documents:

1. Applicant's photograph and bio
2. Applicant's updates CV which highlights his or her skills and achievements
3. A Statement of Purpose (SOP) in words not more than 600 which must include applicant's motivation and expectations for the Youth Fellowship Program and also the following factors:
• A project, organisation, or an initiative that the applicant has led or started
• Applicant's vision and motivation about the same
• How this project, initiative, organisation contributes towards a sustainable development goal
4. An essay in 250 to 500 words on a Telangana Jagruthi program, project of the applicant's choice describing how he, she would like to contribute towards the project in the second week of his, her immersion program and, or what he or she expects to learn from the experience. Telangana Jagruthi programs and projects can be accessed at http://telanganajagruthi.org/

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