Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy explains how and why Rashtra Deepika Ltd. collects and uses information from the users.

Rashtra Deepika Ltd owns and runs various sites like,,,,, etc. Thus the term 'Rashtra Deepika Services' here stands for all these sites and its businesses. (These sites will be collectively referred as "The Site", “We” or “Us”.

The Site, as set forth in our ‘Terms of Use’, is targeted to general audience and not targeted to children below the age of 13. So, we hardly collect any details from them knowingly. This Privacy Policy of Rashtra Deepika Ltd. tells why and how we collect and use our users' personal information such as full name or email address which is required for the identification of the user.

The policy further explains Rashtra Deepika Ltd’s practices of using non-personally identifiable information provided by the user; however, to that extent such kind of information is associated with a particular user or user account. This kind of information includes user interests, demographics and how frequent the user’s visit to the site, site usage, etc.

This Privacy Policy is applicable to all "users," without any consideration to the fact that whether they are “registered users” or mere “visitors” who are not registered with us but visit the Site.

Submission and collection of information on Rashtra Deepika Services

Directly collected information from the user at the time of registration.

Every user must submit certain information such as full name, email address, year and date of birth, zip code and country, and so on for creating a profile (also called “Account”) with Rashtra Deepika Ltd. This information is a must for a user to become a registered member.

Information We Collect

In order to provide you an access to our services, Rashtra Deepika Ltd. collects a certain number of non-personally identifiable information about the visits of any user at the time when he/she uses our services. Our server receives and records all information-details about the type of browser and computer you are using. The collected data include the IP address, type of browser, other software or/and hardware information, etc.

Use of Cookies

We may make use of cookies to collect non-personally identifiable information. Apart from cookies, we also use other data - tracking technologies such as beacons, browser cookies, pixels, and the like. Through the use of cookies we collect and store information about how a particular user uses our services, how often our pages are visited, how many search queries the user makes, the advertisements the user has seen, etc. You have the option to accept or refuse cookies.
In cases if Rashtra Deepika plans to combine the collected information with your provided personal information, for the sake of providing the right sort of messages we should send to you, we will surely gain your consent before combining them. Third parties, who support Rashtra Deepika Services by providing various services or advertisements, may collect data about you using these techniques. We do not hold any control over these technologies used by the third parties, as they will be used in accordance with their privacy policies.

Use of Information

We use every piece of information collected from our users as well as information about ‘the user’ for the following purposes.

  • i. TO PROVIDE AND IMPROVE OUR SERVICES: We use information for providing better services to you. We also use them to improve our services – to deliver more relevant contents, customer support and to respond to your clarification seeking messages.

  • ii. TO CONTACT YOU: Contacting you is one of the major aims behind collecting your personal information. We require information about you to send you promotional letters and notifications about our services periodically. We mainly send them through the email that you offer at the time of your registration. However, you are given the opportunity to control or stop our email notifications.

  • iii. TO ENABLE THIRD PARTIES TO ASSIST US IN PROVIDING BETTER SERVICES: We provide non-public personal information to the third parties including contractors, various agents or sponsors, etc., for offering you better services. However, these third parties are to use the provided data only for the specific service that they render to our Site.

  • iv. TO PROVIDE THE RIGHT KIND OF ADS: We use your information to provide you right kind of ads through the right kind of advertising networks. In any of the cases, we share none of your personal information to these third parties but only those which are strictly non-personal. They are provided only to serve you in a better way but in any case, if they collect any of your information (as mentioned above); we are not responsible for it.

Disclosure of Information

To protect the rights of Rashtra Deepika Ltd as well as our users, Rashtra Deepika Ltd may disclose your information under certain circumstances like:

  • 1. To protect the legal rights or assets of Rashtra Deepika Ltd, its affiliated companies, or their employees, agents and contractors.
  • 2. to safeguard the security of Rashtra Deepika Ltd users or of the public,
  • 3. for risk management purposes,
  • 4. to prevent fraud use of our site,
  • 5. and finally to comply with the state and Indian law or legal process.

We may also share your information at times when the Company is merging with or selling some or whole of its assets. Under this case, the information is strictly passed on only to those parties engaged in the transaction.

Comments on the site

Public posts and information including your comments and posts are always public and anyone can access them. They will be displayed along with the commenting user’s name, replies to the comment, likes, profile information, etc. Further, these sorts of information might be shown up in search results on external search engines.

Third Parties

With a view to improve our Services and its quality we may enhance the available information by receiving information from the third parties. For example when you access our services through a third-party, we may collect your public user ID and profile-picture which are associated with that third-party service. In addition to it, we may also collect other information which you permit the third parties to share with us. In both cases when you access the Rashtra Deepika Services through a third party or a third party through Rashtra Deepika Services, you permit both the parties to have access to, store and use your information. The use of your information will be strictly in accordance with this privacy policy.

Cancellation of Account

Cancellation of your account always remains at your discretion. You are given the option to delete your account at any time. However, we may retain some copies of your provided information (not all but those which you have shared with a third party), even after you delete your account. We may also retain some part of information as part of internal security policies or so as to comply with the applicable laws. Remember your account may be accessible on the search engines for a shorter-while-more as there may be a delay in the removal of your content.

Location of Data

The Rashtra Deepika Services are hosted in the USA and all the data you provide are transferred to USA for processing. The data, being processed in the United States, are not bound by any of the data protection laws or other relevant laws existing in India or other countries where you reside other than the US. So to avoid all sorts of confusion, please read our Privacy Policy very carefully.


Rashtra Deepika Ltd considers the privacy of our users as important as that of ours. And so we make use of all available measures including technical, administrative, personnel and physical measures to prevent any sort of loss or theft of the collected information. Further we take all necessary steps to prevent unauthorized use, modification and/or disclosure of the information you provide.

Privacy policy of Rashtra Deepika Ltd tells you how we collect and use information from the users. In whatsoever case, we never use any of the collected information (personal) without your prior consent, in a way that it hurts your privacy.

Linked Websites

While visiting the Site, you may find links leading to other websites which are either our “affiliated sites" or sites of third parties. Once you reach any of these sites using the provided link, you are out of Rashtra Deepika Ltd.’s site and we are not responsible for the contents provided on these sites.


Rashtra Deepika Ltd holds full rights to change its privacy policies at any time. Whenever any changes are made in this Privacy Policy, we do publish it on the Site with immediate effect. So it is the responsibility of the users to go through this policy periodically. Your further use of the Sites will be considered as an acceptance to the terms incorporated in the revised policy.

Contact Us

For any questions related to the Privacy Policy of Rashtra Deepika Ltd, please contact us at:

Email: [email protected]
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Note: Privacy Policy last updated on Feb 12, 2014