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tIm«bw: AXnc¼pgbn \S¡p¶ FwPn bqWnthgvknän t_mÄ_mUvan⬠Nm¼y³jn¸n N§\mticn F³FkvFkv tImfPn\v Cc«¡ncoSw. B¬Ip«nIfpsS hn`mK¯n ]dhqÀ amey¦c FkvF³Fw tImfPns\bpw (27þ29, 29þ17, 29þ15)s]¬Ip«nIfpsS hn`mK¯n DghqÀ skâv kväo^³kv tImfPns\bpw(29þ11,29þ15) ]cmPbs¸Sp¯nbmWv F³FkvFkv Cc«¡ncoSw t\SnbXv.


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